Liverpool Lung Project (LLP)

The Liverpool Lung Project (LLP) is the largest prospective population based study in lung cancer in Europe and among the four major lung cancer studies world-wide. It was initiated in 1998, funded by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,  hosted by the University of Liverpool, and led by Professor John K Field.  One of the main reasons to launch this study in Liverpool is that this city has the unfortunate privilege to be seen as one of the lung cancer capitals of Europe. The aim of the LLP is to reduce lung cancer mortality by developing and implementing a molecular-epidemiological risk assessment model and markers of pre-clinical carcinogenesis. The success of the LLP programme may be measured not only by its publication record but also the ability to attract significant funding from UK (CRUK, NIHR, PCTs), EU (FP5, FP7) and USA (NIH) as well as establishing strategic collaborations with academic and industrial partners, to undertake complementary studies in early lung cancer detection.

The current LLP objectives are:
To redefine pathology of lung cancer based on its molecular signatures, determined by genome-wide expression and methylation, miRNA profiling and next generation sequencing.
To prepare the next iteration of the Liverpool Lung Project Risk Assessment Model incorporating validated biomarkers and providing an improved algorithm to measure an individual’s 5-year absolute risk of developing lung cancer.
To develop an early lung cancer detection biomarker roadmap which is integrated into the assessment of high risk individuals
Maintain and expand the archive of specimens for at-risk individuals and those with lung cancer for biomarker discovery and validation.
Facilitate the development of new intervention strategies for high risk individuals.
The centre is a 10 min walk2 from the Lime Street train station and the Norton Street National Express station. Leaving station, walk towards London Road and then walk uphill until you find Daulby Street, where the entrace of the Cancer Research Building is.

Professor John K. Field

Research Director
Tel 0151 7948900
Fax 0151 7948989
Dr Triantafillos Liloglou
Lecturer, Biomarkers and Clinical Resources Group
Tel  0151 7948958

Fax 0151 7948989

Janet Farley (job share with Gaynor Hunt)

Study Co-ordinator
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Research Programme, 200 London Road

Liverpool, L3 9TA

Tel  :   0151 794 8957
Fax:   0151 794 8999
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